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Real Estate Transaction

Professional Legal Services,

Transaction Safety Guaranteed.

Detailed Title Search and Report,

Clearance of Potential Risks Guaranteed. 

In real estate transactions, there are a lot of potential legal risks. Real estate transactions always involve a huge amount of money, and sometimes are very complicated. It is advised to employ experienced attorneys to safeguard your lawful interests in the transactions.  According to the law of New York state, it is mandatory to have attorneys to participate, supervise, and guide all legal documents, from contract execution, title insurance, to deed recording. 


Title search serves to ensure that all unpaid taxes, building violation tickets, liens, and judgments are  cleared before closing. Experienced real estate attorney will clear all these issues ahead of closing, and will not leave these issues on the closing day, or even after closing. 

Our real estate attorneys provide legal services to various kinds of real estate transactions, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, co-ops, condominiums, and clinics. Our clients include developers, banks, buyers, sellers, co-op boards, and etc. 






Deed Transfers

Transfer Deed?

Not Merely a Name Change!

Arm's Length Transaction or Gift?

Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common?

There are two ways  available to transfer a deed, i.e. arm's length transaction and gift. The two ways to transfer a deed implicate great differences and consequences regarding to taxes, fees, and title insurance. 


There are also different types of deeds to hold a property, including joint tenancy with right of survivorship, tenancy by the entirety, and tenancy in common. A joint tenancy with right of survivorship and tenancy by the entirety are a type of concurrent estate in which co-owners have a right of survivorship, meaning that if one owner dies, that owner's interest in the property will pass to the surviving owner or owners by operation of law, and avoiding probate. Tenants in common have no right of survivorship, meaning that if one tenant in common dies, that tenant's interest in the property will be part of his or her estate and pass by inheritance to that owner's devisees or heirs, either by will, or by intestate succession.

Commercial Building

Complicated Commercial Transaction

Huge Amount of Investment

Deserve Highly Qualified Attorneys

Are you buying or selling commercial or industrial real estate or a building with 4 or more units? If so, you have come to the right place. Our attorneys have closed hundreds of commercial & industrial real estate transactions and are well prepared to negotiate the terms, conditions and contingencies of any such transaction. Our fee starts at $1,000 for commercial property.

Commercial transactions are more complicated than residential ones and require extra attention to certain covenants and contingencies. Particularly important is the clause regarding existing tenants, which should specify the apportionment of rent payments and who bears the responsibility of evicting holdover or non-paying tenants. Our services include the following:

  • Preparation, review and negotiation of the real estate contract,

  • Explanation of the real estate contract to the seller,

  • Preparation of Attorney Opinion Letter (for Buyer’s Lender, if necessary),

  • Resolving any issues (including tenant issues, title problems, repairs, etc.) prior to closing,

  • Correspondence with the buyer’s attorney,

  • Preparation for closing, and representation at closing

Commercial Lease

Find and Remove Hidden Traps,

Fight for Favorable Provisions.

Your Commercial Investment, 

Protected by Our Expertise. 

If you want to run a business or open a restaurant in a commercial building, you must pay attention to the legal issues involved in the commercial lease. What do I need to know in order to avoid unfavorable provisions? What If I want to sublease the premises or 

sell my business? Which key points I need to examine with a commercial lease of dozens of pages?

All our attorneys are juris doctors graduated from prominent American law schools, and have handled numerous commercial lease examination and disputes. Our attorneys will carefully examine each provision of each lease in order to fight for the most favorable provisions for you, and find and remove hidden traps. With a huge amount of investment at stake, our attorneys strive to protect your commercial investment!

Landlords & Tenants

Tenants in Default?

Landlord Difficult to Get Along with?

Defend Your Lawful Rights,

With Fixed and Predetermined Fees.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling landlords and tenants disputes. Before accepting your case, we will tell you all fees you need to pay, and only a fixed amount will be charged from the commencing to the conclusion of the case, which means that we don't charge based on numbers of trials or times spent on the case. 

If you have a case lasting for a very long period of time and left unresolved despite of multiple trials represented by a current attorney, you may come to our office with your case for a free evaluation and consultation. We deliver affordable legal representation without hidden and unpredictable costs. 

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